Now Civil project feasibilty

Project Feasability Reporting

Accurate, detailed and relevant information are all necessary when you are determining the feasibility of any type of project, large or small. At Now Civil, we provide project feasibility study and reporting services that collate and provide you with all of the necessary information required for you and your investors to determine the ultimate viability of any proposed project or development.


As part of this process, we look at all of the areas that go into making a project feasible, from planning permission and local authority approvals, to examining scale and scope, to cost analysis, to the availability and accessibility of resources and contractors. When all of this information is brought together, you have a complete understanding of whether a project or development can be made to work, and what precisely is required for it to do so.


We undertake project feasibility reporting across all sectors and industries,and once a project feasibility report has been completed and presented, we can further assist you in the realisation of your project through our project management and contract drafting services.