Now Civil site clearing

Site Clearing

Now Civil undertakes site clearing and land levelling across a wide range of applications, from block clearing for housing and commercial developments, to land clearing for the building and development of roads, to clearing vegetation for the establishing of fire breaks or power line installation. We remove all types of debris and materials from a site and prepare and level the land so that it’s ready for construction and building work to commence.


Our skilled and experienced team tackles site clearing work for projects of all sizes and in all types of locations, from clearing a single block for domestic home building, to larger sites suitable for commercial or residential developments. Whether in the heart of the city or a remote rural location, we have the manpower and specialist equipment to complete any job effectively and efficiently.


In addition, we work with local councils to ensure that any site clearing work meets their requirements if tree felling is required or protected flora or fauna is present on site, as well as with regard to how all waste is disposed of, which helps to avoid lengthy and costly delays so that the work can be completed cost-effectively and within specified timeframes.